Genetic based testing to inform treatment of hypertension

The UAGC-CS has contracted with an industry partner (Geneticure Inc.) to be the exclusive clinical provider of their hypertension panel testing. The UAGC-CS provides genotyping profiles to Geneticure that are used to optimize the treatment of hypertensive patients. The integrative physiology based testing is performed from a simple buccal swab collection kit and results are provided in approximately 6-8 business days meeting the need for quick clinical reporting in genetically guided treatment.

Clinical Utility

High blood pressure is the leading preventable cause of death in the world. To treat it, doctors do the best they can with the tools available by following recommendations based on population averages. This means they typically start everyone on the same medication. If that’s not effective, they increase the dosage or add new medications as part of a trial and error process. This means patients are often asked to take medications that are ineffective, or even counter-productive, causing blood pressure to go up.

Most personalized medicine or pharmacogenomics (PGx) tests only look at the way a broad list of medications are metabolized in your body, however, drug metabolism alone in high blood pressure has not been shown to influence blood pressure values. Geneticure’s approach is different: They use proprietary technology supported by years of clinical trial evidence, to help determine what drug will work to lower blood pressure based off of a patient’s genetic information.

How to order

Please see the Geneticure for information about ordering Geneticure hypertension panel. The Geneticure Panel can not be ordered directly through the UAGC-CS.