Do you or your loved one have a disease that is suspected to be caused by a genetic abnormality or are looking for targeted therapeutics?

Precision medicine can help shorten the diagnostic odyssey for such patients, direct therapeutic intervention when available, and build the knowledge base for developing treatments in the future.

The UAGC-CS clinical testing menu includes:

  • Chimerism testing for engraftment analysis
  • Pharmacogenetic testing (PGx)
  • Geneticure Hypertension Panel

ordering a test from your physician

Contact your physician

UAGC-CS does not provide direct-to-consumer clinical testing and all requests must be submitted by a medical professional. If you are interested in a testing service offered through UAGC-CS please talk with your doctor to discuss testing options/needs. If you do not have an attending physician, UAGC-CS can help you reach out to an appropriate medical provider through the University of Arizona/Banner Health Network. Note that UAGC-CS does not have facilities to collect samples onsite; please see your medical provider for submitting samples for testing.

Test requisition

Your physician will submit a requisition to UAGC-CS. You can direct your physician to our website for information on ordering tests through UAGC-CS.


UAGC-CS will work with your physician to assess if the test request will be covered by insurance as well as assist in providing letters of medical necessity.


Once ready, the results are sent directly to your physician. Depending of the type of the assay, your physician will explain to you the significance of your results and/or recommend a consultation with a clinical geneticist or genetic counselor. UAGC-CS does not provide genetic counceling services.

Requesting results

A patient or their authorized personal representative may request results of testing. Please contact your referring physician. In the absence of a physician, please call the laboratory for instructions: (520) 626-5002. Verification of identity and relationship to patient, or authorization confirmation if applies, will be requested. Do not send requests via email that contain personal health information.