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Chimerism Testing

Chimerism testing (engraftment analysis) is performed for patients who have received a hematopoietic stem cell transplant. The test involves identifying the genetic profiles…

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Pharmacogenetic Testing

PGx testing (pharmacogenetic analysis) is performed to provide information for clinicians prescribing medication for patients. The University of Arizona Genetics Core for…

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The University of Arizona Genetics Core for Clinical Services (UAGC-CS) is a CLIA certified/CAP accredited laboratory specializing in clinical molecular genetic testing.

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Enabling precision medicine by offering clinical molecular testing

As part of the Arizona Health Sciences Center Precision Medicine initiative the University of Arizona Genetics Core for Clinical Services is leading the effort to allow clinicians the ability to use a patient’s genetic profile to guide decisions about diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease. By combining the information that comes from the genome of a patient with large clinical data sets, clinicians will be able to better recognize and classify nuanced aspects of disease and to better provide individualized health care.

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